The Dream Mapping Project 

Represents a global artists collective which explores the realm of dreaming. Produced by Dr. Kelly Bulkeley and curated by Alisa Minyukova, DMP aims to bridge dream science with the creative process. Through our work we have discovered the language of dreams to point to what Carl Jung called the collective unconscious — ancestral memory and experience that is common to all humankind.  Invited artists spend several days unraveling layers of a particular dream using analytic methods, explorations of symbolism, and improvisational interactive performance. Within this collaborative process the dreamscape itself sets the stage for anthropologically rich performative storytelling. This process has resulted in an ongoing series of collaborative art, film and performance works.

Are you a professional artist, performer, writer or creative who has experienced a Big Dream and is interested in collaborating with us on future projects? Please reach out with your bio and share a dream. We are always interested in new ideas and visions of fellow dreamers.

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Recent Projects