THE DREAM MAPPING PROJECT is a global artists' collective exploring the realm of dreaming. Produced by Dr. Kelly Bulkeley and curated by Alisa Minyukova, DMP bridges dream science with the creative process. We have found that the language of dreams points to what Carl Jung called the collective unconscious — ancestral memory and experience common to all humankind.

Our immersive dream-sharing events and residencies have resulted in an ongoing series of films and performance works. Invited artists unravel layers of a particular dream using analytic methods, symbolism, and improvisation. The audience also becomes active participants, engaging directly in the creative process and contributing to the collective dream narrative.

We collaborate with various branches of culture, including museums, galleries, and educational organizations. These partnerships enable us to reach diverse audiences, create educational opportunities, and foster a broader appreciation for the intersection of dream research, creativity, and cultural heritage. Within this context, the dreamscape itself sets the stage for anthropologically rich storytelling.

Alisa Minyukova - Artist, Professor, Jungian - finding ways to make people understand that dreams are anything but boring nonsense.
Dr. Kelly Bulkeley- The Man Behind the Curtain
Lana Nasser - Our Voice, our Jin, our Arabian Leonard Cohen. Narrator, performer, writer and spoken wordsmith. The one making sense in the darkness. 
Jennifer Cabrera Fernandez - Nuestra Curandera de canto i danza, composer of the Dream Mapping Music. 
Kristof Persyn - Quantun psychomagic dream theater and performance director.
Dmitri Shubin - Genius Russian composer,  making soundtracks from intuition, using a chupa chup, bells, nail files and a baby grand. 
Siankho Namtchylak - Force of Tuva
Antione Cattin - Man with a movie Camera
Pavel Ignatyev -  Sculptor, Sleeptalker, human encyclopedia. 
Miguel the Angel Valderama - Engineer of love and light 
Victor Mutelekesha - Stuffing envelopes in pigeon holes
Romey Rome - Grounding us in meditation